Light Grey and White leather Casual Sandals for Grow up Girls Patucos Shoes

Leather Casual Sandals for Grown up Girls Grey and White by Patucos Shoes

$ 23.50 USD $ 65.00 USD

A beautiful light grey and white soft leather sandals for those warm and sunny days!. Perfect to combine with her warm weather dress. Sole of sandals are great for toddles and grown up girls.

Decorative braided leather laces in color white makes those sandals perfect for any outfit; elegant or casual.

  • Color: Light grey and White
  • Sizes : 9.5 to 12
  • Style: Casual or Elegant
  • 100% handmade
  • Made in Spain
  • High Quality Leather in White and light grey

Spanish shoes are well known for using high quality materials and care in the manufacture of a comfortable and well finished shoe. Patucos collection offers handcrafted leather shoes including both traditional and modern designs for babies and toddlers.