About Us

 About Patucos


 Our love for babies is a source of inspiration since 1824 that continually drives our passion for quality. We care about our adorable little angels hence, we strive to provide the best selection of products money can buy . Over the years Patucos baby products are traditionally manufactured in Spain using premium luxury material available worldwide.

Hence, Patucos yarn-oville symbol is dedicated to promoting all handmade manufacturing techniques and non-allergic products. Our brand is totally committed to the traditional manufacturing process.

The key of our success lies in our commitment for quality. All raw materials mainly, leather and pima cotton are rigorously inspected and selected with high precision to guarantee customer satisfaction.

The birth of a baby is always a very special moment when parents have to take care of every  single detail to perfectly welcome the newest member of the family. First pair of shoes, first step, first blanket...Patucos offers a wide range of baby products and memorable baby gifts for unforgettable moments.

Patucos established in US in 2014, after years of growth, the company today offers in the U.S. market a wide range of baby products. Our main warehouse is located in Miami from where we serve to the entire country. Patucos products today have presence in more than 150 baby boutiques.

In Patucos  we are proud to make possible unforgettable moments and that passion will continue driving our source of inspiration for the next decades.