A luxurious Fabric: Pima Cotton

By Isabella................................

Pima cotton is the softest cotton in the market due to its longer fiber staple. The longer the cotton’s fibers, the softer and more durable the products made from it will be. That’s why Pima cotton and the items made from are perfect for babies and kids with sensitive skin.

Pima cotton is grown primarily in Peru where it was first cultivated. Despite its Peruvian origins, it was named in honor of the Pima American Indians.

Pima Cotton items have clear benefits:

Pima cotton is much softer to the touch than many other types of cotton and textiles. It feels good against the skin. This is especially important for babies and kids with sensitive skin who may experience bad reactions when they use other, harsher materials.

Pima cotton is also incredibly durable. That’s because its much longer fibers resist pulling, tearing, and breaking much better than the shorter fibers of traditional cottons and cloths. They’ll also hold their shape better than other cotton goods, which is a real plus for clothing. When you purchase a pima cotton product, you can feel confident that you’ll continue using it for many years to come.

Due to their long fibers, Pima cotton products also retain color better than many other cloths. This is a real benefit for a durable textile because it makes sure it doesn’t show signs of age as easily. The long fibers of Pima cotton cloths also help the fabric resist pilling.


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