Dralon; A non allergic fiber that is a step ahead of acrylics.

By Isabella

When we think about baby clothes, cotton is the word that comes to mind due to its softness and non-allergic fibers, but there is another fiber that is as good as cotton called Dralon.

In 1954, Bayer launched on the market a new polyacrylic fiber called “dralon" ®. This high-tech material was soon to become a bestseller due not only provides softness and warmth but also because it guarantees durability, tear strength and sustainability.

Patucos blankets can be bought made of both- Dralon® or cotton- always ensuring high quality non-allergic products for your baby.

Baby blankets made with Dragon® have some great features because they are:

  • non-allergic
  • warm, soft and fleecy
  • easy to clean and keep their original shape.
  • more resistant and scratch-proof.



Baby blankets

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