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Stroller Liners- 4 advantages of dressing your stroller

Stroller Liners- 4 advantages of dressing your stroller

By Isabella


If you want some advice about how to simplify your life, you cannot miss this section. We're going to help.

Probably the baby stroller is the place that seems to be always dirty, basically because it is the place where the baby spends more time and where he/she usually eats and plays. Generally, cleaning you stroller is not as simple as you wish as removing the structure and understanding how to put it back is too complicated.

 We are going to help you to save time and even get better results.

 If you like having an always clean stroller, we recommend using a liner to protect it. Dressing your stroller has many advantages that you will love:

* It makes your stroller easier to clean (100% washables) and very easy to put back, simplifying your life!

* To avoid swollen skin liners should be 100% cotton to avoid itching and allergies on the baby's skin. Patucos stroller liners ( are 100% cotton and they can be used in all kinds of strollers. 

* Liners protect your stroller for many years, especially if you are planning to grow the family and you like the idea of reusing things. Using a liner could help you to extend the life of your stroller.

* Be ready for winter having the baby warm and cozy -Some liners have an extra cover to warm your babies and protect them from winter or bad weather.

Our last tip: Choose a beautiful design that you and your baby will love- Elegant designs are available to add color to your stroller! And they can match your diaper bag as well.

Patucos’s liners have all these important advantages; easy to remove, 100% cotton and beautiful collections. Make your life easier, check out your coverings at

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