Patucos Infant Classic Grey Leather Shoes for Girls

Patucos Casual Soft Leather Mary Janes Grey Shoes for Girls

$ 13.00 USD

A comfortable grey soft leather neat shoe perfect for daily use in plain color light grey and flexible soles. Those adorable shoes are a must in the closet, they match with any dress and are extremely comfortable for baby girls and first walkers.

All Patucos Shoes are handmade in Spain with the best quality material available in the market to ensure comfort, durability and customer satisfaction.

Those shoes meet the APA requirements for baby shoes:

- Breathable material, 100 % leather

- Well supported heel

- Flexible and ergonomic sole

Those shoes meet the following features:

  • Color:  Grey
  • Sizes : 0 to 5
  • Style: Classic & neat
  • Handmade
  • 100% Made in Spain
  • Flexible Walker Sole