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Finding the perfect stroller

Finding the perfect stroller

6 most important points to help you choose between a MacLaren or Bugaboo
Carrying baby around in your hand or back can really be stressful. You need a baby stroller to ease you of the stress.
Stroller Liner and Cover Your baby deserves real comfort as you both move around. For most new parents, finding the right stroller for their new baby can be difficult. It is vital to take into consideration 6 important points before choosing from the best stroller brands.
The points are extremely related to lifestyle, family size, and budget:
1) Travel or Walk: When you want to choose the correct brand, the lifestyle of your city should be considered. Living in a city where you have to go in a car to everywhere will require a different stroller from a city where you can walk to everywhere. If you are the type that travels or move in a car often, you definitely need a stroller that is easy to close and open.
You also need a small size stroller that you can easily carry anywhere. For travels you need MacLaren. It is the best option for that purpose. It is a light stroller but packed with good quality. Once it is folded, the size becomes small and very comfortable to carry.

On the other hand, if you are the type that lives in a city where you can walk to everywhere, the best option is Bugaboo. Bugaboo is a high-quality stroller prepared for long walks. It is very easy to gear but quite heavy when compared to MacLaren.

2) Long Naps: As a Spanish mother, I always believe that long nap is essential to the well-beings of babies and toddlers.  I was particularly interested in a stroller that can be completely stretched to allow babies and kids lie comfortably during their nap time. Having explored the strollers in the market, I found MacLaren the best for long naps. Once you unfold it, the baby can lie comfortably.

3) Siblings: If you are thinking of having another baby while you still nurse one, you need to consider a stroller that can accommodate both kids. Some strollers have an extra support that allows big siblings who are up to 5 years old to stay up or sit up. This support enables mother and kids to freely move around without leaving anyone behind. Bugaboo has a special platform that allows the siblings to stay together. Although it is expensive, it is of good quality and it accommodates kids up to 5 years old.

4) Price: We love quality and good taste, but budget can be a big limitation. It is not easy to decide between one stroller and the other as the price varies according to brands. One of the most expensive strollers in the market is Bugaboo. The price ranges from US$700 to US$1,200 (depending on the model). MacLaren is not cheap either but is more affordable. The price is around US$700. Bugaboo just launched Bugaboo bee in the market. It is the most affordable model (around US$600) with almost the same features as the more superior strollers. This could be a good option if price is the decision driver.

5) Cleaning: The truth about stroller cleaning is that NO stroller is easy to clean or machine wash. To disassemble a stroller could also pose as a difficult task. Although some brands claim to be easy to clean or machine washed, the truth is that NONE of them is easy to wash. We strongly recommend that you always use a stroller liner to cover the stroller, especially if you want to use the stroller for a long time or you want to use it for other siblings. Cotton liners are very easy to wash and assemble. They are a good option for parents that want to have their stroller stay clean. A stroller with a liner remains almost new after years of use, and the one without a liner looks very old with use.
No matter what stroller you have, we recommend you always cover it with a cotton liner such as any Patucos Stroller Liners and covers-washables, 100% Cotton.
6) Other Commodities: If you are looking for a stroller with one thousand accessories, Bugaboo is the brand that offers a lot of options to upgrade the stroller. But the price of every accessory is high and sum up to the stroller price, which can be exorbitant. MacLaren has not commodities but is compatible with universal-size accessories, which can be cheaper than the Bugaboo ones.


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