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ADAINE Fundation

ADAINE Fundation

"Moms helping Moms" ADAINE Fundation

One of the most significant commitments from Patucos is active involvement in helping mothers to take good care of their families. Patucos creates "Moms helping Moms" project a platform that includes various activities designed to help moms in need.

Supports ADAINE Women Group

Currently, Patucos actively supports a group known as ADAINE, which has a membership of 28 moms. ADAINE is a not-for-profit organization that operates around 300km to the west of Guatemala City. ADAINE was created to help local women, specifically moms, to get involved in productive activities that would enable them to support their families.

ADAINE’s formation was well-thought out considering a big percentage of the female population in Guatemala comprises single mothers and widows. Its membership also includes a significant number of women who are married but living with husbands who struggle with alcoholism and its related problems.
ADAINE members can only speak one language – Maya Mam. The fact they cannot speak more than one language limits these women in many ways by making it hard for them to integrate with the other members of the society entirely.

Economically Empowering Disadvantaged Women

Looking at the stories of these 'weaver moms,' one will notice a common theme running through their lives. The terrible economic situation they grew in made it impossible for they to attend school. The only economic activity they does is to sell their handmade knitted booties. 

Patucos has stepped in to help these women achieve their economic goals. It helps them to earn an income from selling their handcrafted items. The women knit these booties from 100% cotton. Patucos helps the women to sell their products. Afterward, it donates all the proceeds from these sales back to the women.

By buying some of the products that ADAINE makes from Patucos, you will be helping members of the group to realize their dreams. You will help these members to begin leading a life of financial and economic empowerment, thus making them able to take care of their families.

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