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Cotton Fabrics Benefits

Cotton Fabrics Benefits

Cotton Fabrics Benefits for you and your baby

The advantages of wearing clothes made of organic cotton fabrics have made its demand go high as more keep being made to meet the growing market demand. Parents and especially moms constitute this group of buyers and they mainly shop for their kids i.e. diapers, cotton baby blankets and cotton baby clothes. Both the new and the old generation are now switching to different products made of organic cotton which include shirts, jeans, cotton pajamas, t-shirts, mattresses, sheets, blankets, socks, duvet covers, bags, bras, underwear and other clothing made of organic cotton fabric.

These benefits include:

The baby’s health

 It’s always in the best interest of any mum to see her baby stay comfortable and safe from infections, a baby is more prone to its surrounding, and the skin is more porous than that of adults. This means that a baby’s skin easily absorbs toxins hence putting them at risk of infections such as asthma, allergic reactions and rashes. The best thing about organic cotton is that it’s grown and processed without any harmful chemicals’ being used which makes it safe to a baby’s skin, unlike other synthetic fiber.

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Organic cotton clothing is usually in its natural form since the fibers are used the way they were proposed by nature which makes the clothing made from it softer that the rest. A baby’s skin is very sensitive and absorbent to chemicals hence the reason mums use chemical free detergents, dye free and fabric softeners with the aim of keeping the baby comfortable.

Organic cotton fabric clothing is soft enough and pesticides free to safeguard the skins of our cute little ones. Such as Patucos cotton blanket soft and comfy for your baby.

Let’s be honest; no one likes buying clothes that are not durable. Most of the other synthetic fabrics tend to emit static electricity, pill off and age quickly and trap perspiration from our bodies. Since organic cotton is normally in its natural form, it wears off slowly and can be washed more times that synthetic fabrics, and it’s a breathable fabric hence your loved get to enjoy all these benefits when wearing clothing made from it. Despite the clothing from cotton being more expensive, it’s worth your money since the clothing can be worn for many years. To most moms who have older and young children, they pass the cotton clothing worn by the older ones to the younger ones which save their budget and wastage that results from synthetic fabrics.

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Environmental friendly

Conventional cotton accounts for 15% of pesticides and 30% of insecticides used globally. The crops are generally more prone to attack by pests and diseases hence farmers use chemicals more on them. Some of the bacterial infections include bollworm, whitefly, powdery mildew, charcoal rot, terminal stunt, blue disease, etc. However, growing organic cotton requires less use of pesticides and insecticides hence maintaining and replenishing the soil’s fertility.


These benefits are then passed on to people who wear clothes made of organic cotton fabric. Mums are the best-placed people when it comes to the care of their children, and organic cotton fabric is the best choice.

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