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How to Clean Leather Shoes

How to Clean Leather Shoes

Clean Leather Shoes: Easier Than You Think

Leather shoes are a real investment which no one wants to get ruined quickly hence they have to be well taken care of. Most schools require children to wear leather shoes but most children don’t know how to maintain them. Maintaining them can seem very intimidating; hence moms have to do it on their behalf before they are old enough to do it for themselves.
Fact is; cleaning and maintaining leather baby shoes is a lot easier and quicker than you imagine. Good maintenance of leather shoes simply involves gentle stain removal and proper care for the baby shoes. It’s also important to use a saddle soap instead of other unreliable cleaners and always read the product label before using any product.

Here are a few tips to help you when cleaning leather shoes

1. Use a brush or piece of cloth to remove any dirt that might have accumulated on the shoes the last time they were worn by your kid since it makes polishing easier later.

2. Make sure you remove the laces from the shoes when cleaning so that you can clean the baby leather shoes well. When polishing, they should also not be on the shoes to avoid applying polish on them.
All Patucos shoes have easy removal laces to avoid any damage on them.

3. Any scuffs that are on the shoes should be rubbed away using saddle soap and water. You should be very careful not to use too much water that might end up soaking the shoes. Most shoe retailers sell leather shoe cleaners that can be very useful.

4. In case the shoes have salt stains, you can combine an equal amount of water and white vinegar to form a cleaning solution. Salt stains can really stress you as a mum but with such a solution, all the stains will come out. The solution should be blotted all over the shoes using a cleaner until the salt disappears.

5. Shoes that are worn on a daily basis should be polished regularly using a brush, those that are not worn regularly should be polished at least once in a month. In addition, polishing should be done in a circular manner. Another important thing you should first do is testing the polish on a white piece of cloth to make sure it’s the right polish. You surely don’t want to ruin your shoes or your family’s leather shoes by using the wrong polish.
6. After they have dried, you should buff them using a soft cloth or shoe brush. In order to make them have a sparkling shiny look, pour a few drops of water on the brush before shining.
7. Lastly, in order to prevent cracks on leather shoes, it’s advisable to use a conditioner or leather lotion at least twice every three months to maintain them supple and soft.

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