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Quality Shoes Avoid Synthetics

Quality Shoes Avoid Synthetics

Four Reasons why your baby should use good quality shoes 

Avoid synthetics!!


Babies feet are very delicate and sensitive. Before buying your baby first shoes  please consider some tips that will help you choose the best footwear for them.

When we think of poor quality shoes, synthetics come to our mind. All synthetic shoes, meaning plastic and other artificial materials, can cause health problems and injuries. According to the Foot and Ankle’s Spanish Association of Medicine and Surgery, 85% of foot health problems in kids and adults are associated to daily use of bad quality shoes. Using bad quality shoes may even be the source of serious injuries in babies and toddlers.

  1. Plastic’s shoes and most of synthetic materials do not provide optimum foot transpiration, causing your feet to be tired and swollen. Some plastic models do not even provide containment in the heel and can cause a slip due to sweat.
  2. Plastic models have internal seams that may cause chafing.
  3. Synthetic shoes are usually rigid; what a toddlers & kids foot needs is a soft, flexible shoes to avoid any injures. Mobility is very important for the toddler specially if he or she is starting to walk. The foot should be comfortable and spacious, and each finger should have room to play which does not happen with running shoes.
  4. Plastic shoes are a source of fungi and bacteria that may cause a really bad odor (yes, even in babies).

The use of high quality leather shoes will avoid any of those situations, ensuring your toddler and kid a more comfortable walking movements.

Our last tip: Think about the comfort and health of your feet but always keep in mind your budget. Leather shoes are not necessarily expensive, they can be found at a reasonable price. Patucos shoes ( have the right balance between high quality materials and affordable prices.

Patucos infant leather shoes are handmade, manufactured in Spain and have been in the market for years, guaranteeing moms and toddlers a complete success in the new adventure of walking.


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