Patucos Shoes: Tradition and Perfection

Patucos Shoes: More than three centuries of Tradition and Perfection


Patucos shoes has been used for royalty and celebrities in Spain for decades not only due to its high quality but also due to its tradition.

Our shoes are manufactured in Villena, we are shoes manufacture and we sell to wholesalers (shoes Wholesale) and retailers. Spain is where the footwear industry is a tradition dating back to the nineteenth century. Undoubtedly, a clear element that remained to this day is the high quality of classic and neat designs. 

Although we are specialized in spanish baby shoes, in some occasion we manufacture other kind of shoes, which has been a huge source of knowledge for improvements in the smallest designs.

We have been more than three centuries manufacturing shoes and with the same enthusiasm and dedication that the first day, always persuading perfection in the art of making shoes. Although long time past our values and statements remains the same, we keep loving "things well done ".



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