Infant Shoes: Plastic or Leather

Infant Shoes Plastic or Leather

    Infant shoes have to fit the toddler well. They have to be the right fit. They have to complement the infant’s style and skin complexion. The market is full of different types of shoes for this age group. Parents often have to choose between plastic and leather shoes.

    Infant Shoes

    The texture or material is not a major concern but it should be.

    What you need is sturdy infant shoes. Infants can damage their shoes easily and quickly. For this reason, the shoes have to be capable of handling rough treatment from the little ones. Check the manufacturer’s reputation where this is concerned.

    Infant shoes made of leather have a more natural feel, which explains why they are popular with most parents and kids too. However, leather shoes need more care. They need water wiping cleaning to retain their shine. Check our blog how to clean leather shoes.

    Plastic infant shoes don’t need too much attention.

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