Pacifier Clips save Baby from Germs

Pacifier Clips save Baby from Germs


Pacifier clips are one of the most important baby accessories. At some point in the new baby’s life, the parent will have to consider whether to use pacifier clips. Often, this question comes while wondering if time has arrived to use pacifiers too. Pacifier clips will serve no purpose if used without the pacifiers but some of them have an extra addition including a silicone teething very useful when the first teeth's appear to relieve pain and baby stress.


Silicone Pacifier Clip

The clips help keep the pacifier in baby’s mouth. Consequently, this prevents the baby from picking dirty items up and inserting into the mouth. Babies are notorious for doing this sort of thing. Whatever they pick has to go straight into the mouth. Babies are unable to resist giving in to this habit.

Without the pacifier clips, pacifiers themselves also fall into the ground a lot. This can be bad news for the baby too. Why? The baby would pick the pacifier up and put it right back in the mouth. This would introduce a whole host of germs into the baby’s mouth thus presenting a new set of health risks.

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