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Cotton Receiving Blanket: Warm Welcoming

Cotton Receiving Blanket: Warm Welcoming

Cotton Receiving Blanket: Warm Welcoming

Newborn deserves a warm welcoming in the family. Cotton receiving blanket is the softest. The versatility of these types of blankets is the best. Normally, the new baby uses the blanket at least for the first year. It is soft and snugly; hence, the perfect blanket for welcoming the new baby.

The receiving blanket is machine washable, which makes it a great substitute for burping clothes. Its large size makes it ideal compared to the burping cloth. A receiving blanket can also act as a cover for the baby’s changing table to provide the comfort and protection the baby needs. Parents and their babies have used it as a playing mat while on the floor. Some receiving blankets can be found matching the favorite Pijama, a perfect combination to go outside for a walk such as Patucos Smock Pima Cotton in Love Collection.


Cotton Receiving Blankets


It also serves as a sleeping mat.

Use it to cover and keep the baby warm right after a bath.

Cover the baby with the receiving blanket while breastfeeding too.

Dralon is another material that is good for blankets due to is totally no allergic and safe for newborns.

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